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Nikos Dessekopoulos

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I was born in 1956 in Piraeus where I still reside. During the period of 1974-1980 I studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, at the printmakers workshop of K. Grammatopoulos. In my “spare time” I worked by iconographer Emm. Metaxakis in churches of the city.

For the years 1978-1980 I followed simultaneously the Workshop of the Art of the Book in the same school, under the printmaker tutor Yiannis Papadakis. In 1980 I completed my studies by achieving a ‘Very Good’ mark on my degree and an award in the Art of the Book, and I joined the Chamber of Arts. At the same period I followed, for a short while, the painting workshop of Pan. Tetsis and the ceramic workshop of G.Georgiou.

In 1981, while doing my military service I worked under the guidance of Tasos Margatitof in the conservation of the icons of the Saint Dimitrios Church, at the Educational Centre ‘Palaskas’ of the Navy.

For the period of 1982-1983 I helped out as a ‘specialised craftsman’ in the organisation of the Second Workshop of Printmaking of the Athens School of Fine Arts by Than. Exarhopoulos.

Starting in August 1983 I taught in the Secondary Education, while at the same time exhibiting my art work, dealing with illustration of Children’s books, graphic design and iconography.

In 1987 I took part as a founding member in the Association of Greek Printmakers and six years later I was voted vice president of the Board of Directors. From 1993 onwards I am also a member of the Association of Illustrators of Children’s Books AISOPOS.

During this period of time I took part in the organisation of the Visual Arts Workshop of Piraiki, where I taught drawing, colour and iconography for students and adult classes.

In 1995 I participated in the educational programme MELINA in the Art Teaching at an Experimental Stage, at the 33rd Elementary school of Piraeus.

In 2002 I decided to take up a more dynamic role through the workers’ union and the team effort to upgrade the Fine Arts in the cultural present. In September I was voted in the Board of Directors of the Union of the Educational Art Classes.

The same year, in November to be exact, I am voted president of the Association of Greek Printmakers, a position I still hold to this day, whereby I am constantly trying to give a more dynamic boost to the aims and activities of the association.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Katraki Museum of Printmaking.

In the autumn of 2006, I took part as a member of the organising committee of the International Triennial of Printmaking of the Mediterranean Countries held by the Municipality of Rhodes.

In the elections of the 20th of November 2006 of the Association of Greek Printmakers I was re-elected in the Board of Directors where I still hold the position of the president util  2008.

From 1977 until today I have taken part in more than 210 group exhibitions and I have presented my work in 13 solo exhibitions.

My work can be found in private and municipal collections in Greece and several abroad.